The Internet Is The Most Vital Object And It Is Better Than Anything?

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Parenting now a day is being done via electronics. Children have to grow up in a world where learning can only be accomplished via the Internet. Humans are at the point where the society cannot function without electricity. In order to be a good parent, you can’t sit the child down with a phone and expect them to grow up as an outstanding human being. What people don’t understand is children learn by observing our behavior. Acting as if a day without electricity will ruin our civilization will corrupt the child’s mind, thus making them think the Internet is the most vital object and it is better than anything. Of course, there are issues with allowing children onto the web. Without proper education on the dangers in the online world, children may fall into a trap and become potential victims. In order to have a well-rounded youth, parents must express healthy role modeling. However, teaching children avoidance skills and parents monitoring the web history can overcome the issues with the threats to them online. In our society today, parents need to hone in on the power of the web. When the Internet began, parents and police alike worried about their child meeting a stranger who could do harm to them. Adults believed in the horrors the Internet could cause to their children and they tried to put a stop to it. Within the past few years, adults have noticeably stopped monitoring their child’s online usage. According to a survey administrated by the San Diego County District

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