Internet Safety And The Internet

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Internet safety has been an extensive issue for children and adolescents since accuse to the Internet has become readily available in homes. With Internet use increasing at such rapid rates and a large proportion of adolescents using the Internet daily, the awareness of Internet safety should be addressed. The term Internet safety can be defined as “the knowledge of maximizing an individuals safety to private information, and self protection from using the Internet”. The impact and influence that the Internet has on adolescent life is far-reaching and research findings by Norris (2007) indicate that one-quarter of the American youth that go online at home, do so in the privacy of their rooms. Additionally, with the recent trend of wireless connections there has been a profound expansion in private Internet usage. The diverse means by which adolescents are using the Internet has become coupled with inherent risks of unsupervised and uneducated use.
The Internet plays a key role in the development of education. According to past research findings, 72% of adolescents surveyed reported using the Internet for school objectives and nearly all of them go online daily (Norris, 2007). Additionally, many interviewed teenagers and parents reported that Internet use is vital to complete school projects. Adolescents need to be educated on how to maximize the legitimacy and safety of online information. Adolescents awareness of the potential impact from internet use and exposure is a

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