The Internet : The Future Of The Internet

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Ever since the internet has been formed, it has been a publicly funded and supported utility that has improved the lives of millions, if not billions of people around the world. However, like most public utilities, there are inefficiencies, political conflicts, and barriers that all government projects suffer from. Because the internet is not immune to these drawbacks of being a government utility, it has been privatized. This privatization has allowed the internet it explode in size, availability, and become more affordable to the masses. Now though, as large internet service providers (ISPs) merge together and ISPs make deals with local and state governments that effectively allow them to monopolize their services, an anti-competitive atmosphere has emerged, allowing them to effectively price gouge consumers. Due to these factors, net neutrality is needed to preserve competitiveness between the few ISPs left, allowing consumers to enjoy lower prices, better service, and minimal invasion to privacy. To ensure that consumers receive the best service, as well to ensure technological progress and innovation, the current monopoly of ISPs must be controlled with net neutrality. While this problem is uncommon in relatively newly developed metropolitan areas, such as Phoenix and Dallas, cities such as Chicago and New York suffer from a limited choice of internet service providers due to two large corporations owning the few ISPs available. Because of this, there is a lack of

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