The Inuit Indians And The Eskimo Indians

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The Inuit Indians, also known as the Eskimo Indians, are a Native American tribe. The word Inuit, means “The People”. They typically live in the colder regions throughout the world. In the United States they live in Alaska. They also can be found in parts of Canada and Russia, those territories are called the Inuit Territories. Canada’s made it Unconstitutional to call an Inuit Indian by the name Eskimo(Inuit). Inuits come from the Thule culture. They came to Alaska from Asia at around 1000 AD. At around 1500 AD they were said to have gone extinct, but in the 1950’s, researcher Henry B. Collins researched and said that “ The Dorset tribe went extinct, not the Inuits”(Inuit). The Inuits were a strong tribe and started to find their territory.
Once the Eskimos found their place of land that they likes and thought would be a good fit they started to settle. They had to look for sources of food, water, and flat land to build shelter. In their territory they would not have to worry about other tribes or cowboys trying to take their land. Alaska is mostly cold and snowy terrain. They started to make political boundaries, which are man made to mark out their territory. When they needed necessities they would ask their Southern Alaskan trading partners to help them. The Inuits would trade whatever they could, they would even build them a place to live if needed. They would typically hunt for seals year around. The main type that they could hunt year around was ringed seal. They had

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