The Invasion Of Iraq By The United States Essay

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Over the previous two decades, the number of countries acquiring a democratic regime has increased dramatically. Democracy is a political regime allowing a system of government that is based on the belief of freedom and equal justice. Power is held by elected representatives through free and fair elections, resulting in a system that reflects the people’s choices. Democratic countries rarely, if ever, wage war on each other and tend to resolve disputes in a more peaceful manner rather than declaring war on their opposition. However, they are not the utopias of peace that many people envision democracies to be. The invasion of Iraq by the United States of America in 2003 stands as a strong example where the impact of a forced regime change has resulted in unrest and violence. IGO’s like the UN promote democracy in a less invasive and obstructive way and are a lot more successful. The invasion of Iraq clearly demonstrates the dangers of promoting democracy in an undemocratic international system. The spread of democracy cannot be imposed by force as it is discrediting the idea of freedom that the regime itself represents. Is democracy a reason for peace just as much as it is a justification for war? I believe democracy does make the world a more peaceful place, however, the forceful spread of democracy does not.

Immanuel Kant in “Perpetual Peace” 1765 originally brought up the idea that democratic countries would be more peaceful than one with a monarchical governing

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