Why Airplanes Are Important Essay

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Airplanes are one of the biggest and best made. They were invented back in the 1800s. The first flight was back in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Since then America has thrived for the best. Airplanes have really helped our society for the better. Many people use them today. Either for vacation, business, or there job. There are three reasons why I think the airplane is one of the best inventions on earth. Without airplanes we wouldn't be able to go to different continents. For example if you lived in Japan you wouldn't be able to go to Philadelphia without an airplane. Airplanes are very safe as well. You have a higher chance driving to the airport then to have a plane crash. And finally it's faster then to drive. A drive from New Jersey to Florida which is about fifteen hours ,when you can fly and it takes two hours. The airplane has helped us people by traveling to far distances, it’s much safer, must faster then driving to your destination.

Airplanes have made the travel industry very successful. In my opinion people fail to understand that. Without airplanes you wouldn't be able to visit your family in a different continent. For the holidays you wouldn't be able to travel or to see any family members. That would be terrible in my opinion. I have family in Greece, and I see them every other year. It would be very hard to imagine life without the airplane for me. It’s 4,837 miles away from New Jersey. Thats really far away. Without the plane, it basically means

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