The Invention Of The Bicycle

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Innovators have constantly changed the world that people now know today, who have may not realized the impact their small inventions would have. Not all innovators create something brand new, as most of the time their work was transformed from something that had already been created and given a market. Two innovators, Albert Augustus Pope, and Sam Walton, changed the American market through their innovative marketing techniques to get the consumer a wanted product faster and creating a market in itself within the American economy. Albert Augustus Pope brought the bicycle to America by popularizing the idea as its appeal became more recognizable. Although not the original creator of the bicycle, he used marketing strategies to create a stronger appeal in order to sell them. “He organized cycling clubs, backed magazines and invented the trade show,” demonstrating a use of ingenious selling tactics of developing opportunity for the buyer to become interested in his product and creating a need for the bicycle (Evans 640). Backing magazines would create word of mouth support in which people now found bicycles as the new thing to do. By creating this popular demand, cycling clubs were a brilliant move to get people to interact with one another and form a cycling targeted market. By popularizing the cycling world, the bicycle became a necessity to the American people and soon became a normal household item with adults and children alike. Because of his creative marketing

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