The Invisible Man By Ellison

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In response to police brutality, The Invisible Man was written by Ellison demonstrated that through his life racism was entirely present. Ellison, in fact, was faced with police brutality throughout the novel. Ellison wrote a scene in which his narrator dealt with police brutality after giving a speech at an eviction. The police threatened to shoot him and beat all of them. Ellison wrote that his character had known it was due to the racism during the time period. Even so, the rest of the novel involved rebellion groups in which responded to the police brutality and racism. Ellison wrote the book to demonstrate the racism and brutality within society for African Americans. Even so, the effect of police brutality was involved within the book. This made other African-American questioned their identity as to why they were being beaten and abused. Ellison’s work addressed the response to other police brutalities in earlier times.
Then, on January 28, 2015 an African-American man was driving and he stopped at a traffic light while Officer Melendez pulled him over. Dent resisted arrest because he had a suspended license, and then Officer Melendez started to beat him to the ground. Dent was hit in the head fifteen times then the officer placed him in a chock hole causing him to lose his breath and then began to tase him after he was already on the ground lastly the officer bang his head on the hood of the car and Mr. dent Began to bleed from his head. On the police dash cam you can

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