The Invisible Visible

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Growing up in the country, spending a large amount of my time out of doors in the fields and woods allowed me thorough immersion in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. The natural world, down to the most insignificant seeming grain of dirt, has always seemed alive, mysterious and full of wonder. Therefore being outside, experiencing the endless richness, variety and beauty of earth and the natural world first hand becomes a deeply spiritual experience. My wish is to absorb, understand and share this marvel thoroughly as possible through painting. Painting, which makes thought and feeling visible, rendering the invisible visible, is also a meditation on nature closer to poetry than description. In retrospect, embarking on a life devoted to painting it seems only natural that the landscape would become my primary choice of subject matter.
The spiritual realm aside there were more pragmatic reasons to turn to landscape. The natural world offers countless choices of creative elements; rocks, water, trees and the sky are some of them. These are universal images containing infinite varieties of possibilities for mixing and reinterpreting while serving as a springboard for the imagination. Choosing to explore the elements of the landscape presented challenging and engaging opportunities to create and explore abstract relationships of color and form.
This wasn 't apparent from the beginning. Painting has been a journey where the final destination wasn 't always apparent or

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