The Invoice Of Customer Service Department

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1) Local data: let us consider example of organization as amazon which maintains vast amount of data. It contains departments like developers, database administrators, sales and many more. When local data is taken into consideration, for example, in sales if we take delivery service department. It simply considers invoice of customer as it will start it service and keeps track until courier is delivered. After delivering, invoice will be erased from their system as they won’t be connected in remaining issues. This invoice number can also be used across the organization i.e. if we consider customer service department they should maintain this invoice in order to inform details if any customer approaches them before delivery.
Shared data: To get a clear view on shared data we will consider sales department and analyst. In sales department, they have all the information like product ordered, cancelled, insufficient funds, returned and it will be differed from time to time. When an analyst would like to go through the graph of products sale they just need the data of products purchased which doesn’t include orders cancelled, insufficient funds. So, data will be shared between departments which can be altered from time to time.
Core data: In core data let us consider managing department, if they apply any changes to models whole organization will be upgraded. Core Data portrays information with a high level data model communicated as far as entities and their relationships in
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