The Involvement Of The Middle East

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Millions of lives have been lost, including innocent civilians, opposing forces, and U.S. troops and its allies. Trillions of dollars have been spent on the involvement in the Middle East for decades by the United States government, which orchestrated these results. The burden financially, has been measured in trillions of dollars, on multiple expenses, all relating to the involvement in the Middle East. Not only have these events impacted the U.S. financially, but many people have had to pay the ultimate price, with millions of people dying as a direct result. From the Afghanistan and Iraq wars alone, 220,000 innocent civilians have been recorded as casualties (Funk). Even with all of the sacrifices that have been made, there has been no…show more content…
This event led to the creation of a weapons pipeline between these Arab nations because the U.S. insisted that the nations use the money they gained from the embargo on U.S. weapons (Jones). The U.S. received about $22 billion in weapons sales from the Middle Eastern countries in total, which does not even come close to offsetting the money that was paid, and the money that was made came at severe costs. The consequences of this include the militarization of the countries that the weapons were sold and led to an evident rise in tension within the region, specifically between Iraq and Iran. The trillions that have been accumulated will not only hurt us today but will affect us financially for years to come. The intervention in the Middle East, also known as the “War on Terror,” has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths. There have been about 350,000 deaths resulting from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone (Home). Those deaths can be broken down into 220,000 civilians, 88,024 opposing forces, 6,802 U.S. military and 6,787 U.S. contractors. Experts estimate that the death totals may be higher than what has been reported. Millions of people have been displaced by the wars, with an estimated 6.7 million people being displaced from their homes (Funk). Hundreds of drone strikes have been used in countries that the U.S. has not had
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