The Iran Contra Scandal Was A Shocking And Nefarious Governmental Affair

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The Iran-Contra Scandal was a shocking and nefarious governmental affair which occurred during the executive administration of President Ronald Reagan. The affairs involved many people in the United States government and their dealings with other nations, and the congressional hearings which were held to expose the secrets and find the truth behind the scandal to determine who was involved and who would be deemed guilty of atrocious crimes (Vile). President Reagan arranged a deal with Iran, secretly selling weapons to the Iranians for their ongoing war being fought against the nation of Iraq, in exchange for the American hostages who were being held by the Iranians (“The Iran-Contra Affair”). The United States’ relations with Iran were…show more content…
It was later found that the United States government had not received all of the money Iran had paid for the weapons which they had received (“The Iran-Contra Affair”). “While probing the question of the arms-for-hostages deal, Attorney General Edwin Meese discovered that only $12 million of the $30 million the Iranians reportedly paid had reached government coffers” (“The Iran-Contra Affair”). Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Laurence North of the United State’s National Security Council (NSC) had sent out a significantly large portion of the money from the Iranians to the Nicaraguan Contras, under the presumption that the President had approved of this act but without actually having received the direct approval of President Ronald Reagan (Fredriksen). Prior to North sending money to the Nicaraguan Contras, Congress used one of their many constitutional powers, the power to manage foreign affairs, which allowed them to have control over the nation’s relationship with the Nicaraguan Contras, so they had written the Boland Agreement of 1984, in order to restrict the United States in their support for these Contras (Fredriksen). “Congress

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