The Iraqi War Essay

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The Iraqi War

In March of 2003 George W. Bush declared war on Iraq. The war against this country was expected to be a quick victory for the United States. Sure enough, in May of 2003 Bush declared an end to major operations in Iraq. The United States had taken the country from Saddam Hussein with little resistance. Americans were mixed in the approval of the use of force, and their doubts of Bush’s faults were boosted when no weapons of mass destruction were discovered. However, during the war, the United States suffered a very small number of human casualties. Since Bush declared the end of major military operations, more than 150 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in occupied Iraq. This number is much higher than the total of …show more content…

On November 3rd the U.S. suffered the biggest military loss of life since the end of major operations. On that day a U.S. Chinook helicopter was gunned down, killing sixteen soldiers who were on their way back to the United States for a short leave (Tran). That number has certainly grown since then, and will continue to grow until the U.S. occupation is over.

The U.S. involvement in Iraq has cost the U.S. over 150 casualties since the end of major operations. The war began with the Bush administration’s decision that Saddam Hussein needed to be taken out of power, and power in Iraq should be handed to its people. When war began Americans expected Saddam’s forces to fall will little resistance, and to some effect they did. Within a few months the war ended, and Hussein fled the country. Many Iraqi citizens rejoiced in the fall of tyranny and rise of a future democracy. Not every Iraqi felt joy when learning about the fall of Hussein. These people soon became the terrorists that are now causing more and more American troops to lose their lives. These attackers will never stop until Iraq is free from the United States’ control. Despite the attacks, and the massive loss of American life, Bush keeps telling the world that America will never back down (Stevenson). The fact is that America cannot back down. If the occupation of Iraq were to end today Iraq would fall under the reign of Hussein once again. Bush has no

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