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The Iroquois
Native Americans were the first people to live in America before any other man came. It is believed that the Native Americans came from Asia way back during the Ice Age through a land bridge of the Bering Strait. When the Europeans first set foot on America, there were about 10 million Native Americans living in America, North of Mexico (“American”). Native Americans had all separated and made their own tribes. Some of the many Native American tribes that still exist are those of the Iroquoian tribes, consisting of five, now six,
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Before the Europeans first came to America, the Iroquois originally lived in what is now upstate New York. When the Europeans tried to claim the “new land,” the Iroquois started to scatter about. They had also migrated because of the lack of growth in their crops. The Iroquois now live in all different parts of northeastern United States, Southern Canada, in parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and still upstate New York (Lee). Although upstate New York is where they originated, some of the Iroquois people had moved all around the United States to wherever they pleased.
Still existing, the Iroquois Confederacy consists of approximately 45,000 people out of 125,000 total people (“Iroquois”). Some of these tribal members live in Southern Canada and most of the members live in northeastern United States. The Iroquois speak many different languages; they are known as the Iroquoian languages. The Iroquoian languages are different for each tribe which are: the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora languages. It is even said that apart from their Iroquoian languages, they even spoke a clan language along with French and English (“Iroquois”). Many other Native American tribes also use the Iroquoian languages to speak and
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