The Is A Successful Sports Team Loses Its Place

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Sometimes, a historically successful sports team loses its place. This may happen suddenly without apparent cause, or gradually as stars age and are unable to be replaced. One such professional team that appears to be going through this process, at least to me, is the 2015 Seattle Seahawks. They’ve been to the Super Bowl two years in a row and seemed poised for yet another superlative season at the beginning of the year. Yet, through seven games they’ve been nothing if not mediocre. What has caused this drop in production? The Seahawks didn’t lose many key players during the offseason and even added some players who appeared to be destined to become superstars with the team. The answer, I believe, lies in the loss of their identity. …show more content…

But I believe that there is value in becoming lost. Many of the team’s young players have experienced nothing but success in the NFL. They must learn how to overcome adversity and hold the lead late in games. If they do happen to save the season, it would be great opportunity for the players to grow as professional athletes and prepare for future triumph. This principle is applicable to more than just football. We can learn valuable lessons from a loss in almost any context. Losing forces us to think hard about our identities and be humble, whether we’re part of an NFL team or just small, innocent children. Once, long ago, much like the 2015 Seattle Seahawks, I became lost. I was merely a wee lad, not much older than three or four years, on a family vacation with my sister, parents, and grandparents. We were staying in Port Townsend, Washington in an old military-style duplex. The pale blue double-door house had the feeling of a 1950’s movie, rather quaint and homey. An ancient apple tree towered over my head just outside the window, too tall for me to climb, yet tempting enough for me to try. My family and I were leaving the duplex to attend some long-forgotten tourist activity, when I, the little boy with a vibrant tie-dyed t-shirt, had to return to the house to retrieve my blue fleece jacket. The beginning-of-fall weather was just cold enough to

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