The Is An Incompatibisist Concerning Determinism And Free Will

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Holbach is an incompatibisist concerning determinism and free will. In-compatibilism is the view that beliefs in determinism and free will are inconsistent. Inconsistent when you have two beliefs that are inconsistent if and only if it is impossible for them both to be true at the same time. Meaning one has to be at least must actually be false. The beliefs I am talking about are determined and to see if the will is free? He thinks at least one must be false at all times meaning he believes that we do not have free will. Hume as a very different view than Holbach in some regards. One way he is different is; Hume is a compatibilist this means he believes in determinism and free will are consistent. Hume has a different view on what free will even is and he also believes we have liberty. Liberty is the absence of external constraint. Hume disagrees with Holbach because; Holbach feels that free will requires anything more than liberty. Holbach argument of free will starts with his premises one. Every action is caused by a preceding event. Premise two states; no action that is caused by a preceding event is free. Thus, no action is free. Holbach supports his theory by his belief in determinism in premise one and being an incompatibles. He believes that are actions re not caused that they are only absence of the external constraint. Hume arguments that if good were to will it, we would be all be happy. Yet, neither humans nor animals are happy therefore he does not will

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