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Transhumanism For years, scientists and transhumanists have conceptualized and cultivated ways and processes which they believe are beneficial to human life. Transhumanists want the best for the human condition by improvements of medical technology, economics, medicine, culture, and mental capacities. There are copious amounts of prototypes and ideas that are currently pushing the movement forward and giving hope to those involved. Though naysayers hold the opinion that transhumanism will separate humans into two or more distinct species, that is not the intended goal. In fact, the intentions are to bring us together, rid us of the illness and disease that riddle the human body, and create a near perfect world. Nick Bostrom, a professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford and an outspoken member of the transhumanist movement, introduces an approach that very well summarizes the ambition of the research of transhumanism, “…to radically extend increased funding for healthy lifespan and favor the development of medical and technological means to improve memory, concentration, and other human capacities.” (Bostrom 202-214). Some argue that transhumanists are overstepping their moral and ethical boundaries by assuming the role of a higher power. In any case, the ambitions of transhumanists are to create a better world, one without the stressors we experience today. Though the intent of transhumanism is positive, there is a downside. Scientists’ and transhumanists’ main

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