The Is The Goddess Of Wisdom And I Think About God

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Dillon Tang Aliso Viejo Middle School 1.The twelve Olympians gain control of the universe by tricking Cronus into swallowing a stone instead of Zeus. He then forces Cronus to disgorge Zeus 's siblings along with the rock. After gaining his siblings back, a terrible war is started between Zeus and Cronus. Cronus is helped by his brother Titans while Zeus is helped by his siblings and others. Zeus is able to win the war because he was able to release the hundred-handed monsters that fought for him. He also receives the help of the son of a Titan, whose name is Prometheus. After Zeus and his siblings win the war, he punishes his enemies because of their cruelty. 2.I think I a Greek god I would relate to is Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom and I think this relates to me because I am very smart and intelligent. 3.Greek myths are always full of cruelty. One example of a God 's cruelty is the Calydonian Boar. Artemis sent the Calydonian Boar, a ferocious beast, to wreak havoc in Calydon. Artemis sent the boar because the king of Calydon forgot to send offerings to Artemis. This shows that the god 's cruelty is not justified because the king did not do it on purpose, he simply forgot to send offerings. 4.I find the three-headed dog Cerberus intriguing about the Greek Underworld. I think Cerberus is interesting because he is a guard dog in the Underworld. I think the idea of a guard dog today came from Cerberus. I also find Cerberus interesting because he has three heads.

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