The Is The Goddess Of Wisdom And I Think About God

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Dillon Tang
Aliso Viejo Middle School 1.The twelve Olympians gain control of the universe by tricking Cronus into swallowing a stone instead of Zeus. He then forces Cronus to disgorge Zeus 's siblings along with the rock. After gaining his siblings back, a terrible war is started between Zeus and Cronus. Cronus is helped by his brother Titans while Zeus is helped by his siblings and others. Zeus is able to win the war because he was able to release the hundred-handed monsters that fought for him. He also receives the help of the son of a Titan, whose name is Prometheus. After Zeus and his siblings win the war, he punishes his enemies because of their cruelty.
2.I think I a Greek god I would relate to is Athena. She is the goddess of …show more content…

The goddess Demeter controls the seasons and is also Persephone 's mother. When Hades abducts Persephone, Demeter becomes obsessed with finding her daughter. Demeter forbid the growth of food on Earth creating a famine. Zeus eventually intervened and had Hermes sent to the underworld to negotiate. Persephone is able to return to Earth for 8 months every year. Then she will spend the rest of the year in the underworld. This relates to the seasons because when Persephone is on Earth, Demeter is happy and allows everything to grow. This is during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. However as her 8 months reaches the end, nature becomes cruel and nothing can grow. This is the winter.
6.Dionysus is a symbol of resurrection because he is the god of wine. He is represented as a vine that is constantly being pruned, and during the winter is weak and useless. Dionysus dies every winter and is resurrected in the spring. His worshippers believed he was assurance that death does not end all.
8.The myths of Demeter and Dionysus reveal a positive connection in the Greek attitude toward the mother/child relationship. In the myth of Demeter, she becomes very sad when she loses her daughter and does not stop searching for her. She takes away all the abilities to grow food because she lost
Persephone. Eventually she is given back her daughter but only for 8 months in a year.
9.Father Heaven imprisons his children

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