The Is The Ideal Role Model For Society

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The Confucianist is the ideal role model for society, as the belief system will support order on the journey to understanding the self. The teachings of Confucius heavily influenced the Tang, Han and Song dynasties as an ethical model for family, social and political interactions. The political leaders were urged to practice self discipline, humility, and compassion as leaders in order to effectively lead by example. Confucius’ li directed human behavior as based upon proper conduct, ritual, or propriety that is codified in the Li ji or Record of Rites. Confucius also believed that beyond the values of humanity, goodness, and benevolence, a full knowledge of the world may only be accomplished through obtaining a full understanding of self and of one’s life purpose. Academic learning is deemed as valuable and necessary for social and career advancement. A noble person, or chun-tzu, is one who obeys the teachings of Confucianism and thus is considered a master (Eno, 2015). Confucianism integrates morality through customs, habits and other conventions into the virtues that are to shape daily life. The manifestation of li is reflected in the individual fulfillment of specific roles and characteristics of excellency in regard to virtue. Hayes (2013) described li as the underlying structure of the social and moral development of ren. Li, along with the interconnected virtues of yi, zhi, and ren, is a central concept of Confucius’ ethics by which all life is ritualized and…
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