The Is The Noble Pursuit Of Human Life

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Economic Disparity 1,2

Sustainability 2

Energy Production 3

Growing Population 3

Matters of Pedagogy 3

Conclusion 3


I posit to you that engineering is the noble pursuit to sustain human life and therefore is inherently an anthropological endeavour and humanistic effort to nurture humanity and manifest its glory. Were we to give rise to the classical connotations engineering carries of cold and pure problem-solving-uninterested in issues of the humanities - indeed it would betray the magnitude of our existence as a species. It is this very facet that has brought us to the magnificence this day. Now with encroaching issues of globalization, and its accompanying ramifications, our contemporaries face a whole new plethora of delicate issues entwined deeply within notions of humanism. We must face the ramifications of our self-endowed Anthropocene epoch and address issues of sustainability and global warming within the context of an exponentially growing population and unprecedented demand for energy, food, raw resources and materials, waste disposal energy, land, water, transportation, earth moving, health care, environmental cleanup, infrastructure and (tele)communication. Though when regarding the engineering profession what’s most interesting is that it is this very humanist perspective, and the humanitarian work it elicits, that has somewhat paradoxically perturbed our planet and placed us in

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