The Is The Right Of Freedom Of Expression

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Throughout this I will be providing advice on what kind of story/pictures, that Evan Evans can publish about Brad Pitt being on holiday, in Barry island with his children, how this may breach Brad Pitts human rights especially Article 8 of the European convention of the Human rights (ECHR), which is the right to a private and family life and how it conflicts with article 10 of the ECHR, which is the right of freedom of expression. I will then be providing advice on what Evan Evans can publish about Dylan Davies attending a meeting of Gamblers Anonymous, how Dylan Davies being outspoken in his public criticism of the gambling culture in professional football may affect the liberties that Evan Evans could have speaking about Article 10 …show more content…

In the case of van Hoover 2 the photographs that were taken of the princess of Monaco and her husband on holiday and she was denied an injunction and the court considered that; ‘the applicant, who was undeniably a contemporary “public figure”, had to tolerate the publication of photographs of herself in a public place, even if they showed her in scenes from her daily life rather than engaged in her official duties. The Court referred in that connection to the freedom of the press and to the public’s legitimate interest in knowing how such a person generally behaved in public.’ Therefore it may be the case that Evans may be able to publish this event, as Brad Pitt is a ‘Public figure’ as he may have to tolerate the publications of himself, even if it is of his daily life out of his career, as there is a freedom of the press and to the public’s interest of actually knowing how they behave in normal life ‘off camera’, this could mean that Evan Evans could publish about this event, without including Brads children. Would the publication of photos/stories interfere with their right of privacy? But by any attempt to enforce their right to privacy would they interfere with Evans right to the freedom of expression which is a conflict with Article 8 and 10 , he could object to the stories but stories like this

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