The 1979: The Islamic Republic Of Iran

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Since the 4th century, the Persian world has held great might in world politics. In 1979, Iran was officially established and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since then it has been an active and vocal player in world politics. It’s rich history of political revolutions have inspired new waves of government control, tyrannical and benign leaders, and great cultural change over time. The strong religious beliefs expressed by the people of this nation are both a form of unity and disunity that cause widespread schisms within this state. As a theocratic republic, the intermingling of religion and government within the state has caused a very controversial history for this nation. Since the late 70’s the influence of a Supreme Leader as well as a government headed by a president rather than a Shah, Iranians have experienced times of great oppression and great change. These studies of Iran have lead to the conclusion that within world politics, government leadership, diplomatic relations, mutual trust and geopolitical relations are main factors in a country’s ability to function internally and communicate with other nations.
Robin Wrights piece gives a detailed history of Iran and its relations both with global players and with the United States and the many forces that have influenced Iranian actions internationally. Wright speaks to the great impact and importance that Iran hold as a global player. The author notes that the 1979 revolution was one of three of the greatest

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