The Isolation Of Women During The Victorian Era

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1.This quote goes back to the concept of isolation and independence. Here just like in the beginning of the book, Jane feels isolated and alone and feels like no one can help and ironically it is her cousins who alienated her to begin with but now are bringing her in.
2. Another clear reference to gender equality and the lack of it as well as a comment on class roles. Here Bronte shows the absurdity of gender restriction and attempts to shed light on the fact that women during the Victorian era had no rights and were too restricted.
1. “Then he stretched his hand out to be led. I took that dear hand, held it a moment to my lips, then let it pass round my shoulder: being so much lower of stature than he, I served both for his prop and guide.” (Bronte 520)
2. “Reader, I married him.” (Bronte 521).
1. This quote shows how while before Mr. Rochester used to lead Jane when Jane was metaphorically blind and used to support her, the opposite has just happened and now Jane leads the actually blind Mr. Rochester and supports him because now she is rich.
2. Bronte addresses the reader personally which signifies that something important is about to happen, and it does. Jane and Mr. Rochester have switched roles. Jane now can see while now Rochester can’t. This perfect role reversal emphasizes how it is possible to reach gender equality and how someone from a lower class can actually work their way up and get lucky and end up in a higher class while the opposite can happen to
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