The Issue Of A Child 's Life On My Intersex Child

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In society today, people are always told what gender to be. For example, if a masculine man wants to wear a dress, he will be shunned from society because dresses are for girls therefore he shouldn 't be wearing one. Now for an intersex baby , the doctors practically decide for the child what sex they want the baby to be. Doctors will make up lies and tell the parents that it is necessary for to have surgery because of the baby’s health but that’s a huge fallacy. If given the opportunity to choose the gender on my intersex child, I would oppose toward the surgery of modifying his or her sex. I may not be conforming with the social norm, but I also strongly believe that my child should make the choice of what gender they want to be when they are older.
Intersex babies nowadays are being decided what sex they will be according to what the doctor prefers. Parents are being told that their babies have to have surgery because if not, then they may become sick in the long run. This is absolutely not true. That so called sickness that doctors refer to is just a matter of being able to fit into society. For example, in Dueling Dualisms by Fausto sterling,she argues that the issue is that because one is born a certain sex that that’s the gender role they are suppose to play in society. She writes that “ what is at issue is the embodied nature of identities and experience. Experience is not individual and fixed, but irredeemably social and processual.” With this being said, as a
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