The Issue Of Asylum Seekers Has Been Considered As One

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The issue of Asylum seekers has been considered as one of the controversial issues in Australia due to the implementation of the Federal governments’ harsh and stringent policy against boat refugees, who flee from their countries because of violence or persecution. It is stated that this hard line approach aims to curb the influx of illegal immigrants thereby making Australian Immigration System credible and strong (Anderson & Iggulden 2016). According to Refugee Convention 1954, Australia, a signatory under United Nation(UN) Refugee Agency, is regarded as one of the generous country in dealing with the protection and rights of refugees and has created a meritorious history of accepting asylum seekers from all over the world (Refugee…show more content…
Besides this, it also meant to analyze and scrutinize people whether they are following an orderly queue or not (Cox 2015). However, it is argued that that as one of the signatories of the Refugee Convention to the United Nation (UN), Australia has a moral obligation to protect the human rights of all asylum seekers, despite the reasons for their arrival and whether they arrive with or without a valid visa (Australian Human Rights Commission 2015). Hence it is clear that being a signatory of Refugee Convention Laws, the opposition has a legal commitment to guarantee the safety of asylum seekers. Another point worth noting is that when compared to the resettlement of refugees in Australia (57,362) to other countries, the top10 countries hosting refugees were in third world countries ; Turkey (2.5 million), Pakistan(1.6 million) ,Lebanon(1.1 million)and the remaining countries were in Africa. It is noticeable that, the resettled refugees accounted for about.99% of the global total of 14 million people and Australia has ranked 26th overall and 46th in terms of GDP (ABC News 2016). Some people believe that asylum seekers are jumping out of the queue to come to Australia to seek asylum. However, it is truly a misconception that the people seeking asylum are queue jumpers. It is necessary to point that there is no orderly ‘queue’ to the resettlement of refugees. Only a
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