The Issue Of Battered Woman Syndrome Essay

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I have known several women to be in abusive relationships, in either physically abusive, verbally abusive, or emotionally abusive or combinations of those mentioned. I have wondered why these women remain in these abusive relationships when all they do is complain about how badly they are being treated. More importantly, I wonder what these women will do when they finally break and fight back, potentially ending the life of their abuser, what will happen to them then? In finding research, I started with the basic principle of battered woman syndrome. As I read each article and learned a little more about what battered woman syndrome is, I wanted to know how these cases are prosecuted. I wanted to know what factors most affected a jury. I wanted to know what I can do to help prevent these abused women from turning against their abusers and helping them heal. Violence against women, around the world or in the United States, was not uncommon until 1871 in which Alabama had removed the right the husband had to use physical punishment on his wife (Barner and Carney, 2011, p. 235). By the 1900 's, the majority of the states had laws in place to help prevent spousal abuse (p. 235). Many of these abuse laws were misdemeanor offenses until legislation and national attention of women discrimination had risen during the 1960 's (p. 235). As laws continued to change, the prosecution of the abuser changed from being prosecuted by the victim to being prosecuted by district attorneys (p.

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