The Issue Of Child Marriage

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1. Introduction:
Practice and customs surrounding marriage, such as preferable age and selection of spouse differ from society to society, according to understandings, structures and patterns of lives of families in each society. Marriage is a basic human right which is legally defined by a set of stipulations. The existence of a minimum age for marriage is one of those conditions. Afghanistan is in the top of 49 countries for bride under age marriages. 70 to 80 % of the marriage in this country is either before legal age or forced (Grigsby, 2013). According to Afghanistan civil law the minimum age for girls to marry is 16. While statistics by UN and UNICEF shows that 57 percent of girls are married before reaching 16 (UNFPA, 2012).
This policy paper addresses the issue of child marriage as a harmful practice in Afghan society. The paper discuss the background of the early marriages in Afghanistan and then focus on the nature of this phenomenon in Afghan content and try to analyze its causes specifically; protecting girls, illiteracy of parents, traditions and bad practices, and the consequences of child marriage on the health of these girls, violence that they face and deny of their education. In the last part policies are suggested to prevent the practice.
2. Objectives of the policy: The objective and aim of this paper is to suggest policies in order to reduce the number of child marriage in short term, and in long term element it completely from Afghan society. So no

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