The Issue Of Child Marriage

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Introduction In the United States, marriage is seen as a sacred and consensual institution, but in developing countries, many children are introduced to marriage in a different manner. According to the United Nations Population Fund, one girl in every three is married before the age of eighteen in developing countries (Child Marriage, 1). Are the measures previously taken by the International Law community that attempt to put and end to child marriages an effective measure to stop this violation of human rights? I argue that, although there are substantial International Law actions already attempted at ending this barbarism, I do not believe that they are enough to prevent the circumstances that child marriages spring from, including security against rape, lack of education, and economic situations (Why Does It Happen, Girls Not Brides).
In this essay, I will first discuss the issue of child marriage and its growing nature, where this is happening and how many people this issue affects. I will then explain why this is an issue and how it violates these children’s basic human rights. I will present existing laws and legislation that attempt to prevent child marriages and what they aim to accomplish. In addition, I will also discuss why these laws are not efficient in this fight and the exceptions that people are able to use that become an issue with enforcement, as well. I will propose a counter-argument and describe mother’s testimonies that have put their daughters…

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