The Issue Of Global Politics

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What do you believe to be the most pressing issue in global politics today?

“Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet 's weather patterns or average temperatures” . In 2006, Al Gore highlighted a problem hinted at for years, climate change, in his documentary The Inconvenient Truth, and this essay will explain why this problem is still the most important issue in global politics, despite receiving less coverage in world press. With major problems such as rising sea levels and more extreme temperatures already being seen in many areas across the world, it seems that global politics could not face a more pressing issue, as this potentially effects everyone in the world, it’s not a discriminatory problem, be that …show more content…

This ‘distraction’ away from the problem of climate change has been crucial in actually making climate change even more important to discuss now, as we can see the effects that it is having across the world now, and in our predictions for the future. With the melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels and greater threats of natural events such as hurricanes and earthquakes; it seems that this is the problem that effects the most people, and the one very few are talking about, explained by Alan Rusbridger here “The changes may be happening too fast for human comfort, but they happen too slowly for the newsmakers – and, to be fair, for most readers” While difficult to dismiss the vast amounts of issues we all face, be it in the UK, in Europe or Internationally, it is hard to understand why out of the 5 large UK parties standing in the General Election, only the Liberal Democrats and the Green party have included climate change reducing measures in their manifestos to any great length. In the United States both the Democrats and the Republicans have declined to include any substantial measures for the 2016 Presidential election so far, the trend is the same across most western democracies. So despite the impeding threat of this serious issue, it as taken a back seat, as the electorate’s thoughts and opinions are often directed by the media they expose themselves to, and there are very few

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