The Issue Of Human Rights

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In this paper I will focus on the subject of human rights. The recognition of human rights is widely seen as abstract, yet human rights affect daily lives worldwide. We can understand human rights and its initial role on politics through the example of higher rule denying citizens everyday rights, worldwide. In particular, I will compare and contrast the theoretical perspectives of liberalism and realism, and assess that human rights can best be examined through liberalism due to its ability to bring light to international cooperation and optimism to everyday human nature. Liberalism essentially points to international law and international institutions as an important feature of the international landscape while realism exclusively is state-centric, therefore, does not pay attention to the individual needs of humans nor groups of humans. Also, I will identify why realism privileges the ethics of self interest over other forms of morality, thus, leaving little room for discussion on human rights and why it diminishes our understanding of human rights in the political world.
This essay will proceed as follows: I will briefly discuss the core tenets to the approaches of liberalism and realism. Second, I will define the topic of human rights and what those rights are. Third, I will outline my argument for why liberalism is superior to realism at best explaining human rights in the following way.
To begin with, liberalism involves the keywords: optimism, self-determination and

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