The Issue Of Juvenile Crime

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One of the biggest problems the Country faces today is juvenile crime. Juvenile crime does not only affect the person who commits the crime, it also affects victims in the crime. After evaluating two sources concerning the topic of juvenile crime, I have come to my own conclusions related to this topic. I believe that changing the juvenile jurisdiction age from age seventeen to eighteen is a great idea. I also believe that sexting is a crime for some. Juvenile crime is a huge issue in the United States, but how we punish them is also very important. On September 18th, 2013 Deval Patrick the Governor of Massachusetts signed a legislation that raises the age of juvenile jurisdiction from the age seventeen to eighteen. There are many great reasons for this change. One reason for this change is because the age eighteen is the mark of adulthood in many areas. “Seventeen-year-olds are not adults” (Johnson et al). Another reason for this change is because the Governor at the time wanted to give every child the opportunity to succeed. “Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction will provide teenagers with the age-appropriate rehabilitation and support services they need for future success (Johnson et al). The state of Massachusetts are also giving all minors convicted of lesser crime an equal chance of rehab. Another reason for this change is because other states and the federal government use eighteen as the age of adult criminal jurisdiction. Many states are taking this step to

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