The Issue Of Legalizing Marijuana

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The issue of Legalizing marijuana is a very controversial topic of modern times. The use of marijuana is all over the media with celebrities doing it and young people in on the craze. Marijuana is the world’s oldest illegal drug, not only that, it is also the drug that is most widely used among society today (Aanstoos, 2015). Different types of people use this drug for a variety of reasons, such as, as a way to disconnect from todays hectic world, something they are peer pressured into, or even medical reasons. My argument is against the concern of legalizing marijuana in general including medical marijuana. Before completely going all in against this drug, note that there is some relevant research, which shows Marijuana has some benefits to it. This paper will explore both points in against and in favor of legalizing marijuana to be revealed, aiming for an understanding of the issue and present a public health policy to improve and educate the public of this hot health topic. Starting with the cons I have selected five to be discussed that particularly stand out to me. First, there is not enough research on medical marijuana to see if the benefits overcome the risks. Every time you hear people protest for the legalization of marijuana they throw out facts about how it’s good for people and also how it’s all-natural so it must be better that medicine. Their facts cannot be scientifically backed up and their sources could or couldn’t be from a reliable source. Even with
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