Medical School Tuition Cost Essay

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Medical school tuition is reputable for being expensive and a risky investment. Although the tuition price can range from various medical schools, the price of each school should be consistent for individuals. Unfortunately, the illusion of a meritocracy proves evident when comparing the medical debt of students from differing racial/ ethnic backgrounds. These articles explore the hypothesized reasons as to why Blacks and Whites have higher rates of medical school debt, in contrast to Asians and Hispanics. Some proclaim that these results are due to an individual’s socio-economic status. On the other hand, others present the idea that it could be a result of attempts to diversify the medical field, encouraging more financial aid and …show more content…

Furthermore the study does not provide enough evidence to pinpoint specific reasons as to why these disparities exist. A continuation of the study and deeper analysis of student’s financials resources would improve the research. Jolly examines the effects medical school tuition has on prospective and former students. He used data collected by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) questionnaire distributed to medical students in 2003. The reports from the AAMC questionnaire show variation in average debt of college students, and also displays the differences in graduates’ debt by race. Jolly compares the differences of indebtedness of each race to the influence debt has on medical school decisions. By doing so, Jolly is able to see if minorities obtain more debt than non-minorities. The results of the data displayed a discrepancy between the debt of blacks and whites versus Asians and Hispanics. Yet the difference of debt amongst the races is less than 5%, and thus considered to be not significant in the study. The data seems reliable as it measures the debt of medical students after graduation and not prior to. However the data is based on self-reported questionnaires, which could lead to a non-response bias. The study also is inconclusive in determining how race impacts a medical student’s debt. Rather, Jolly focuses more on the financial resources the student has (i.e. family wealth). The affirmative action of medical schools are often racially biased

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