The Issue Of Palliative Care

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The senior population will always have a great abundance in society. They are highly aware that death would be right around the corner, especially if they are terminally ill or disabled. It is the time for them to have conversations with their doctors about the different options that will highly impact their remaining life. The high costs of the many services affect the patient’s decision on how they should be treated as to why Medicare and private insurance is an important factor and issue. Older patients want to live out their life, but they cannot do that if these services are limited. Seniors often take the surgical path in order for them to improve their state. They do not really consider the option of palliative care. It’s a great…show more content…
A researcher draws attention on why it is important for patients to have conversations with their doctors and states that, “Medicare’s plan comes as many patients, families, and health providers are pushing to give people greater say about how they die­­ whether that means trying every possible medical option to stay alive or discontinuing life support for those who do not want to be sustained by ventilators and feeding tubes (Belluck).” People prefer to pass away in their house or hospice, or in any situations that patients desire essential medical care. There are four areas that a dying individual needs which are emotional and mental, physical comfort, spiritual issues, and active tasks. Someone who knows that they are close to dying are clearly sad and worried. Having conversations about their emotions might be advantageous. Physical contact with family members and the medical team are more connected and more interactive in cooperating. As patients begin to receive discomfort, it is most likely due to skin displeasure; pain; weariness; temperature reactivity; digestive and respiratory problems (Emanuel). Also, due to spiritual issues, a patient would want to finish things off in a good place with everybody they had associated with. It is also pleasant for patients to practice their religion by praying or communicating with someone in their
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