The Issue Of Stem Cell Research

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Imagine, one day, being able to own your own biological repair kit, designed specifically for your body. This repair kit could have the ability to heal you from the majority of injuries or diseases, without fear of rejection or mechanical parts. This all could potentially be possible with the proper research into stem cells to treat injury or disease. However, the procedures followed for the research of stem cells have stirred up a hefty amount of controversy in the past and the present. Stem Cell research has been argued to be an ethical choice due to its possibilities for simplified treatments in the future, yet it is controversial due to the destruction of embryos, and the undecided moral status of the embryo, which is why …show more content…

Certainly nobody has one-hundred percent confirmed the possibilities for stem cells cures. However, the possibilities for stem cells come at somewhat of a cost. Not many people have thought about the dangers of the stem cell treatments. Stated in an article published by Gale, “Even once embryonic stem cells can be produced in quantity overcoming the inefficiency of today 's methods and potential problems (e.g. efficacy of viruses in implanted cells, use of c-Myc that is known to play a role in the progression of cancer), further research will be needed to determine and provide the correct instructions for an embryonic stem cell to grow into its desired path....” (Sutherland). Not knowing how to properly grow the stem cell into its desired path can result in treatment rejection and also major side-effects including muscle spasms and uncontrolled movements/shaking. So, stem cells have potential to be useful in the future but should not be used for any official treatments yet.

Currently, if somebody has a degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Multiple Sclerosis, spell out stem cell treatment is not yet worth it because of the low success rates, but if scientists developed cures for these diseases with stem cells, the patients’ lives would be drastically improved. For example, patients with an incurable disease like

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