Essay on The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research

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1.0 Introduction
This report aims to investigate the different views held on the pros and cons of development in stem cell research. This report will provide background to the debate, its social significance, parties that are involved and analysis of the arguments related to the topic researched.

2.0 The Issue and background to the debate
Those who favour stem cell research are optimistic about the continued developments in stem cell research will open doors to many breakthrough discoveries in biomedical science. The scientific and ethical questions arise as rapidly as the reaching of milestones in stem cell research. There are two main types of stem cells, namely embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are …show more content…

Although the debates of stem cell seem endless, we should not overstate the pros and cons of stem cell research.

4.0 The participants in the debate
The participants in the debate including researchers, political candidates, lawmakers, health care provider, religious organizations, and other members of the public (The Witherspoon Council, 2012).

5.0 The differing views
5.1 Stem cell research contributes to the development of regenerative medicine and life extension science.

There are many who are of opinion that stem cell research can potentially help in inventing new therapies for many uncured diseases and reversing the aging process. 5.1.1 Inventing cell-based treatments
Supporters of this argument assert that stem cell research can lead to discovering of many advanced cell-based treatments and have many medical applications. Stem cells can be cultured and transplanted into damaged body part for the regeneration of healthy tissue (Stöppler, 2014). Based on the some of the successful outcomes of the research, hematopoietic stem cell transplants (commonly known as a bone marrow transplant) are currently be used to treat patients with blood disorders and some solid tumours (Stem Cell Network, 2013). Hence, it is believed that, more life-saving treatments will be inventing in the near future with the

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