The Issue Of Suicide And Suicide

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Suicide has been an issue that has been in the world for generations and sadly, more to

come. The way this problem was mostly seen as in the past, was an act of pride and honor, as

seen by the Japanese samurai tradition of Seppuku. Same with Ancient Greece and Ancient

Rome, the history of suicide in their community, was out of pride. Prefer death over dishonor

and rather die than poor health being seen weak. However, in present time, most people commit

themselves due to problems they have in themselves caused by outside forces. People would

commit in order to avoid a situation or problem occurring in their lives. This issue of suicide still

persists due to depression, which is the most common reason of suicide, but also someone could

have a mental illness as well. Society and media has a huge impact on why suicide has been

around for a long time, and it still persists. Dolefully, “In the past 15 years, there has been a 22%

increase in the national suicide rate in the United States,1 while the total number of psychiatric

hospital beds in the United States decreased from 34 to 22 beds per 100 000 residents”( Robert

D. Gibbons, Kwan Hur, J. John Mann) This could possibly be one big reason why this issue is

still increasing in rate. The Suicide rate has been drastically increasing through the years, but it

seems that some hospitals are reducing aid to the one’s going through depression or mental

problems. People in the community who

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