The Issue Of Vaping And Smoking

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I am writing this report on the issue of vaping and smoking. I will go into detail explaining the effect of vaping and smoking in the human body and the effect it as on society. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of vaporing will be provided. In this report I will include statistical illustrations and diagrams on how it affects the society and draw conclusions with the given evidence. I have decided to research this topic because of how much smoking has affected the people especially younger people in the society.

An electronic cigarette other known as a …show more content…

The article then goes on to say “But the use of e-cig can cause inflammation in the lungs and makes them more vulnerable to infection. Nicotine from any type of cigarette can raise rate and blood pressure because nicotine acts as a stimulate and prompts adrenaline rush in the body. E-ci are not regulated by the FDA although the agency are working on changing it.”

What are the effect of smoking to the human body?

Both the E-Cig and normal cigarettes both contain a common chemical which is called Nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive substance in smoke if inhaled into the lungs of alveoli, this reaches the human brain in six seconds. Nicotine in slight pile acts as a stimulant to the human brain, and in bigger pile, acts as s depressant, which mostly hinder the flow of signals that’s between the nerve cells in the body. Even bigger doses it’s a life threatening poison that affects the heart, blood vessels and hormones in the human body. When Nicotine gets to the bloodstream it causes the smoker feel calmer. Another chemical present in smokes

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