Essay The Issue of World Manipulation to Change Opinions

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The issue of word manipulation has always been around since the dawn of spoken language. It is caused by there being more than one word to pick from to describe one thing or situation. Some people have been interested in this topic because there are always new developments in the linguistics of common and uncommon tongue. Mostly scholars and public speakers are the ones who study how selective word choice can influence and change opinions on subjects because it can help them to obtain the reaction they are working towards in their speech or paper. One side that people may take is that controlling the word flow and decisively choosing words is a good thing and that it can separate different situations and atmospheres into the right place …show more content…

The Effects of Sentence-Level Context, Prior Word Knowledge, and Need for Cognition on Information Processing of Technical Language In Print Ads is an article that covers a study of how assumed knowledge can effect people when coming to a conclusion or making a decision about something. The authors explain that not having prior knowledge to the specific field usage of certain vocabulary may dissuade a potential customer. When Reasoning is Wrong but Persuasive is an article that is disputing another, although the author agrees with it, there are key points in where he distinguishes the differences in what he claims is right and what the article claims as correct. He explains that just because something sounds good or impressive does not mean that it is okay to believe or that it is true. This would help with the view of wanting to cut down the available vocabulary. Views 1 and 3 are completely opposing one another. View 2 is a combination of the opposing sides. View 1 mainly wants to expand the common language vocabulary to include everyone in the knowledge of the thousands of words within a language. View 3 would like to cut out many of the words not a lot of people use in daily life to remove the need for them as they aren’t used. View 2 includes both sides, want to expand common knowledge vocabulary to useful words but also taking out a few here and there because they aren’t of high importance. Certain people from each

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