Advertising Analysis : Estee Lauder Perfume Essay

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Today’s quick-moving world of technology has media texts such as advertisements to make sure that people understand with just a glance. Having adverts on magazines, social media and billboards allow them to use tools such as semiology, genre and narrative because it makes their messages clear instantly. These signs allow us to carry meaning through advertisements, connotations and the signification process. These tools let brands, mainly celebrities, and the option to produce and create a myth of the product such as “Be daring. Be an inspiration” to sell it to the world. We are in a time where advertisers use ‘simplicity’ in their adverts; there are no more paragraphs. It is mainly down to the person and the few words shown in that advert. Advertisers, especially fragrance advertisers stick to a ‘house style’ and because of these similarities we have expectations of what they will include. The advert I have chosen is Estee Lauder perfume, which features Kendall Jenner. Some of the features we expect on fragrance adverts are glamour, beauty and attractiveness to be shown. It is very common for advertisers to use well-known celebrity such as Kendall Jenner. It is a technique to get people looking at the advert because audiences admire celebrities, success and importantly ‘beauty’. If a ‘normal’ ‘everyday’ woman were to be used for adverts then it would catch less attention, as they are not known and the product would sell less because people assume, if celebrities use the

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