Ad Analysis : Snickers Commercial

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Ad Analysis: Snickers Commercial The average person will watch approximately 2 million commercials throughout their lifetime. In this technologically driven environment, it’s the most effective method of appealing to an intended audience. However, there is a lot more to an advertisement than meets the eye. There are numerous methods being used in order to appeal to the audience. Corporations and businesses focus on rhetorical appeal when it comes to creating a successful advertisement.
This art of persuasion is famously known around the Super Bowl breaks. Companies annually invest massively into the production of commercials that air during the Super Bowl breaks. The shocking quality of the production has reached the point where now, a portion of the viewers are simply watching the football game just for the cunning commercials.
In the 2010 Super Bowl, Snickers coined the phrases, “you aren’t you when you’re hungry” and “Snickers satisfies”. These statements alone depict rhetoric through pathos and logos. It’s humorous to think that you are a completely different person when you’re hungry. It’s an exaggerated expression. Since everyone has experienced hunger before, we can logically relate. In an alliterated response, snickers states they supply satisfaction for said hunger.
Snickers also goes on to play a commercial in which illustrates an intense game of football at the park. Next, the audience learns that Betty White is one of the wide receivers. When the ball is

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