The Issues Some Have with Surrogacy

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There are many couples in the world that cannot conceive babies. Surrogacy has helped millions of families and individuals have children. Some people say that surrogacy is unhealthy for the surrogate mothers and that it employs immoral methods for achieving pregnancy and parenthood; however, surrogacy allows everyone to be able to have a child of their own even if they cannot physically conceive one, it is beneficial to society, and it does not carry the same stigma as it did years ago.
There are four different types of surrogate parenting. The most common is Classical Surrogacy which is surrogacy by artificial insemination using the intended father’s sperm. In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother is the baby’s biological mother (Chittom). A surrogate mother has to be twenty-one to thirty-seven years old. She needs to have two children of her own and has to have thirteen years of formal education on surrogacy. Seventy-five percent of surrogate mothers are married and one-third of them hold full time jobs. Over half of the surrogates in the United States are military wives (Parker). The majority of surrogate mothers are raised in Christian faith with only twenty-five percent raised in Catholic faith (Chittom). Surrogates can be friends, family, or strangers who are contacted through the many different agencies that have developed as surrogate parenting becomes more common.
Surrogacy allows everyone to have an opportunity to have children of their own.

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