The Joker : The Batman Vs. Batman

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“We look up at the same stars, and see such different things,” George R.R Martin. This quote in addition to courage creates a whole new world to me. It made me think about how many different ways courage can be portrayed. Along with the way the person’s personality might change that perspective even more. As we had the class discussion on the summer reading books and made connections to courage, some thoughts went through my head. I wondered if the people around me thought the same things about courage. One kid brought up Hitler and that people think that Hitler was courageous for what he did. I started to consider heroes and villains, like Batman and The Joker. Their perspective might be that The Joker is more courageous than Batman. I realized that all this had to do with people’s perspectives. Let’s look at the example above. I find Batman to have more courage than The Joker. Due to the danger that he puts himself in to protect people and to stop The Joker. On the other hand some people might support the fact that The Joker is more courageous, because he keeps trying even though he doesn’t succeed. I find trying to dominate the world uncourageous, in fact it looks like he is just trying to get recognition and is looking for attention. When Batman goes in to stop his plan, he isn’t looking for attention or recognition. Batman has no powers to make fighting evil easier, he is just a normal person that goes out and fights evil. Courage is the one power that he has that
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