The Journey And The Destination

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Travelling is a past time most people enjoy; the young, the old and everybody in between must travel; whether, for business or pleasure. While both the journey and the destination are often fun and unforgettable experiences, travel plans and travelling itself can be an exhausting experience, especially if you don’t have travel insurance and you encounter an unforeseen mishap, such as a missed or delayed flight; your baggage and personal items gets lost in transition; or you meet in an accident and need medical assistance in a country where proper health care is non-existent.
If you must travel and would like to protect your assets, there are vast benefits associated with getting travel insurance prior to your trip, especially when it’s with a company such as All State. All State is a world-renowned Insurance Company, underwritten by RBC Life Insurance, providing members with auto, home, life, health, security and travel insurance. All State Travel Insurance policies include coverage for annual multi-trip,; single trip medical plan; trip cancellation, and a special policy known as visitors to Canada, where they provide medical emergency coverage for policy members friends and families who visits from overseas.
Benefits available on All State Travel Insurance Policies
• Multi-trip Annual Travel Insurance – this policy coverage is suitable for individuals under 90 years at the time of the application date of the policy and is valid for one year. With an annual multi-trip
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