The Journey Of Glinda In Wizard Of Oz

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This journey begins with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, (computer) sending Dorothy, an Oz adventurist, (pulse) on a quest to find the Wizard of Oz. Many people throughout the Land of Oz have been reporting to Glinda that the Great and Powerful Oz is missing. Because Glinda is tasked with the safe keeping of Munchkin Land (transducer) she is unable to travel to the Emerald City and check on the Wizard herself. Glinda summons Dorothy (pulse creation in computer) to Munchkin Land where she is greeted by many excited Munchkins (crystals). Before Dorothy can begin her journey she is given the gift of a pair of ruby slippers (matching layer). These will help her travel safely through the lines of Munchkins and on to the Yellow Brick Road (gel), which will allow her to continue into the Land of Oz and locate the wizard (Exit from transducer into body).Glinda knows the Lollipop kids (side lobes) are planning to sneak/spread out in different directions to widen the search area however Glinda knows any information the return with will interfere with Dorothy’s findings. She wants to keep them from interfering Glinda APODIZATION (P.77)…show more content…
She is excited, full of energy, and sure of her path. Dorothy’s first detour happens when she runs head on into a cornfield. While Dorothy contemplates what she should do, she notices a scarecrow hanging on a nearby post. Luckily the scarecrow explains she will have to change her path from the straight line she has been traveling in order to get to the Emerald City. Dorothy takes the scarecrow’s advice and changes directions, curving away from the cornfield instead of her expected straight path
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