The Journey Of My Life

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I stood outside, patiently waiting for the activity bus to arrive. My body was exhausted from doing volleyball drills, I just wanted to go home and rest. That is when I heard a familiar voice coming from the parking lot, it was my mother. We lived 45 minutes from town and I knew something was wrong for her to make the trip in to pick me up. As I walked over my gut wrenched into a ball. The possibilities of things she could say ran threw my mind and sent my world spinning. The solemn look on her face grew clearer as I started walking closer, my mother 's lips moved but the words didn 't register at first, then the message finally got through, parents were getting a divorce. The drive to my grandma house was only 20 minutes from my school, but it literally felt like a lifetime. The car was packed full of clothes and other valuables, My brother and i sat squished in the back, quiet as my mother made phone calls. We had nothing more than the clothes that surrounded us and my mothers single paycheck. This is the day that changed my life, and would play a big role in the person I would become.

My parents used to argue a lot when I was a kid, constant yelling and screaming was an everyday occurrence. Fueled by alcohol and anger my Dad was ruthless. I used to listen to the arguing in our old thin walled ranch house, it seemed my mother was always crying. My father would accuse her of cheating trying to cover his own infidelities and keep my mother as a mental prisoner. He had an

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