The Journey Of Santa Barbara

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When we reach our bikes, I review the route to Santa Barbara provided to us by the friendly waitress. Appears like a no brainer. We bike along Ortega Hill Road to Evans Road. From there we turn right onto the Ortega Hill bike path to Jameson Lane. All the way to Olive Mill Road and take a left and continue on the bike path to Channel Drive to the finish line - the Dolphin Statue in Santa Barbara. With Doris’ leg cramp gone, she’s restless and can’t wait to just get there. “Me too, we’re so close.” I reply, though, not so. However, it is outstanding that we’ve made it this far, and are having fun. Who knew? Bobby never rode his bike long distance. For exercise, he played racket ball and tennis. About six months prior to his bike …show more content…

In a sec, my feet slam the ground and my right ankle coils and skids to a stop. When I step away from the bike, I wince as a sharp pain runs up my right leg and ankle. In an instant, I’m seated on the ground. I unlace my shoes, peeved. I gaze up at Doris. “Why did you pull over?” “To allow you time to catch up,” she says, and helps me pull off my shoe and sock. My ankle is red and swollen. “I’ll be fine,” I say. “I’m not quitting.” I move my foot in a circular motion. There is some discomfort, only I don’t care. I apologize for sounding curt with her. “Apology accepted,” she says, and takes an Ace bandage from her fanny pack and wraps it snugly around and around my ankle. This will have to do. From North Jameson Lane to Olive Mill Road is grueling. Not just because the Ace bandage is too tight, but that we’ve never biked further than round trip from Santa Monica to Malibu. This stretch is hands down the longest. Sweat pours from my pores. I’m thirsty. Still, I can’t chance to take my hands off the handlebars to grab for my water bottle. I liven up when a group of cyclists passes us and waves. Where did they come from out of nowhere? I have no chance to check if Zak is one of them. Though, he would have shouted my name or something. When we reach the end of Olive Mill Road, it curves to the right. The effort it takes to pedal has amplified. My legs ache and my lungs burn

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