The Journey Towards Nuclear Power Essay

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There is a great depth of curiosity in traversing the unknown, in embarking on journeys where the discoveries far outweigh your greatest expectations. In terms of nuclear power, the journey is still ensuing. Has progress been made? Yes. Have policies been formulated? Yes. Has a vast deal of information been researched? Yes. And yet, the learning continues, and it will be a never-ending process that depends upon harnessing, refining, and innovating nuclear energy and technology. As the old-age adage goes, however, with this learning comes knowledge, and knowledge is power. Power and responsibility, however, are not mutually exclusive prospects, and all three of these components are highly applicable to the atomic energy discussed in Dr. …show more content…

This insinuates that the text is not intended for a mature, adult mind, but rather for a younger generation who might yet still read those types of stories. In this way, the text becomes more engaging, captivating younger minds while still informing them about atomic power. Each chapter, moreover, follows the outline of “wishes”: in the first chapter, “we” (the audience and the narrator collectively), wish for power. In the second, we wish for food and health. In the third, we wish for the atom to be our friend. This concept of friendship, intertwined with the childhood fantasy of making wishes come true, makes the text more relatable and thereby more understandable to young audiences (Haber). The prospect of an intended audience is pertinent due to the policy perspective Haber and Disney are trying to convey. In fact, Our Friend the Atom is merely a method for indoctrination in terms of soothing the public after the event of the nuclear bombings. The text describes an end to poverty, world hunger, and a chance for peace by embracing the power of the atom; it does so by presenting a historical context of the atom, an analogous overview of the problem, and then describing the benefits of atomic

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