The Justification Of Euthanasia Essay

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As citizens of The United States we embrace a variety of numerous freedoms. Freedoms which give people the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to due process of the law. Living in a nation where citizens are afforded so many rights lead me to the question, do we have the right to die? There are many people in the world who are against Euthanasia. Points are brought up that it is murder, it is not moral to end someone else’s life, and giving the consent to a doctor to do such an action gives them too much power. In the unfortunate event that one is terminally ill and clinging to life in unbearable pain, should people have the rights to be euthanizing or rather the right to mercy or should one be forced to suffer …show more content…

But it is not 100% that the medicine will work, and if one has the choice to choose to get medicine to live longer, why can’t one choose when to die? People should have the right to die. “Over the past three decades, the right to die has come to mean not only that the patient should be allowed to die (by withdrawing treatment) but that he or she has the right to be dead” (Stewart et al.,37). The patient is the one who is suffering of constant pain every day, who are we say that they don’t have the right to choose to die or not. One knows how much pain they are able to sustain. The more a terminally ill person stays in the bed, the high risk of depression occurring. “Studies have shown that those terminally ill patients who seek suicide do so not because of their terminal illness but because they are suffering from depression” ( Depression makes it worst for a person who already knows they are going to die. When one has to suffer with the pain and depression, they will start to lose hope and want to die. A study of terminally ill patients, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, in 1986 found: "The striking feature of (our) results is that all the patients, who had either desired premature death or contemplated suicide, were judged to be suffering from clinical depressive illness; that is, none of those patients, who did not have clinical depression, had thoughts of suicide or wished that death would come early”

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