The Justification Of The Nsa Unlawful Spying Activities

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The justifications provided for the leakage of the NSA unlawful spying activities also support the argument that Snowman’s act was permissible. For instance, Snowden justifies his act by stating that he relied on the U.S Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the 1945 Nuremberg declaration. He provides his explanation for his shift from the his earlier held philosophy of nationalism by noting that people have an international duty that surpasses their national obligations of loyalty, (Scheuerman, 2014). He further expounds that sometimes national loyalty leads to national relativism whereby people overlook their country’s evils, instead preferring to focus on distant and external evils.
Generally, intelligence systems are extensively concealed, which exposes them to potential abuse by those in charge. This results in abuse of human rights such as privacy rights that is detrimental to the very security that such systems ought to safeguard. As such, blowing the whistle on such activities can be an effective mechanism of exposing the ills that characterize intelligence systems. Furthermore, Scheurman (2014) argues that a requirement for whistleblower identity disclosure as proposed in Sagar’s framework enhances their opportunity to fulfill their obligations to justify their actions. They further state that whistleblower identity disclosure demonstrates civic mindedness. In addition, the disclosure of the whistle-blower’s identity helps to prevent

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